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Re: Archimedes'principle-Eureka's dirty bath water!

To: rs11@ElSegundoCA.NCR.COM
Subject: Re: Archimedes'principle-Eureka's dirty bath water!
From: brockctella@juno.com (Brock C Tella)
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 14:35:42 EDT
HEY,HEY, HEY Let's not get carried away. Both events are very important
to the Marque and we shouldn't be feuding. There is time for both and
those that have a  vested interest should get involved and share ideas.
Its important that our cars have preserved examples and also very
important to remember these are sports cars and should be driven and

On Tue, 08 Jul 97 06:31:00 PDT "Spontelli, Ramon"
<rs11@ElSegundoCA.NCR.COM> writes:
>>  I certainly do not go to a United for the auto-cross, who would, . 
>. .
>I would.
>>  Next year, lets do 2 hours of auto cross, or maybe 2 1/2  and let's
>>  spend 7 or 8 hours on the ""CONCOURSE ""  or a day and a half
>>  is even better....
>>  SOUNDS GREAT....Let's move in to the 21st Century in style.....
>Sounds like a crock to me.
>If the friggin' concourse is the problem, then get rid of the friggin' 
>I'd vote for a two-day autocross.  That would provide plenty of time 
>runs for people with the big-bucks paint/polish/shine budgets to have 
>trinkets "judged" properly.
>Sheesh!  What a crock!

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