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Archimedes'principle-Eureka's dirty bath water!

To: tigers@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Archimedes'principle-Eureka's dirty bath water!
From: "david duncanson" <catsclaws@msn.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 97 19:58:23 UT
Wow-693 messages on my mail system. That's what happens when you are away for 
a month!
Well it took some time but I read most of them. I haven't had such a laugh 
since the wife left me!

 I wouldn't usually make any direct attacks on anybody
But as some really uninformed comment and vindictive statements have already 
been made then I 
Think I'll join the party!!!

 This wonderful tool called the Internet is a double edged sword ,it is a 
powerful communication device
And should be used with a degree of caution. Instead of creating unity within 
the tiger community some of you 
Seem to take delight in personal attacks on non paid enthusiasts whose sole 
purpose was to volunteer there
 Services for your benefit?

So be it !
As that well known Scot William Shakespeare would say "cry havoc and let loose 
the dogs of war"

Tiger Technologies?---------- So who stole your lollipop? Did you used to 
stamp your feet and scream if you didn't
Get the biggest cream cake on the plate?
Do you have any concept of the hard work put in by Maria and Dennis Knapek, 
Paul Reisentz, Bill Martin and countless
Others?------ Probably not. 
And yet your "open letter" was  honed like a poisonous stiletto blade to 
inflict as much damage as possible.

Let me think ? How did the advert go?------- Yes I remember!

                                                                 SUNBEAMS OF 

                                                         CONCOURS,RALLYE AND 


The largest gathering of Sunbeams west of the Rockies!.----If you don't want 
to have fun, or if club politics are your life, this event is NOT for you. WE 
promise a fun ,informative, rewarding and VERY DIFFERENT program. Tech 
sessions, a REAL swap meet, a FAIR,PROFESSIONALLY JUDGED concours and the best 
rallye you've ever participated in. You'll  find it all at  
                                                               "SUNBEAMS OF 

                                      A TIGER TECHNOLOGIES PRESENTATION

Ok -so what happened to that event ? Ran out of steam? Couldn't get a 
response? Clash with SUNI 11?
Not politically correct ? no happy band of volunteers? Lose your lollipop? 
Somebody steal your cream cake?

It's not easy is it?-------------------- $99.99 for a two day event ??????-in 
1994??-sounds a bit like $125 in 1997 for a four day event?. Still you were 
offering a dash plaque!

                     ( impartial readers will now start to understand that I'm 
just a little teensy bit peeved ! )


Yes by all means let's talk about EXPENSES.
Countless phone calls, Talk Tony Eckford into lending me his Le Mans Tiger, 
Hire of car, fitting of tow bar to car , hire of trailer, Three days to 
transport the cars, customs forms, insurance, ship insurance, cheap and 
cheerful respray of my car,
Flight to USA for myself, rosemary smith and Ian hall, travel to L.A., hotel 
accommodation , travel to Port Ventura, Pick up cars ,
Back to L.A. , three nights accommodation, share a bed with Norman 
Miller,(god! Did I really do that?) drive to Eureka, 
Share more bed space with Norman!, raise $850 contribution from my club for 
the event, raise over $2000 more at the auction, put on three slide shows , 
insult poor Peter Mac Donald who comes to my room with a bottle of Scotch by 
saying I'm to busy because there are a million slides on the bedroom floor ( 
sorry Peter!)  M C the event, TAC the tiger, pay $30, listen to stupid 
comments re my car "it's an Alpine!-it's a mk11 because it's got an oil 
cooler!" Listen to personal insults  "why is he the M C- he's not even an 
American ?"

Finally , fly back in August and repeat the exercise by driving to  Niagara 
Falls ,then ship the cars back to the UK via Baltimore

And by the way I did attend your show in Costa Mesa and I didn't get any dash 
"stinking" plaque!

OK so who do I send the bill to ?    DID YOU THINK I GOT PAID??? ------------ 
Perhaps you are referring to Rosemary or Ian ? --Yes --accommodation was paid 
? But to suggest that it came out of your 
Registration is nonsense. Several thousand dollars was raised from sponsors,  
not least my own club. Do you think the Clubs in your country would be so 
generous if the situation was reversed?
Rosemary and Ian are both personal friends of mine - that is one of the 
reasons I was able to convince them to attend "eureka"
Rosemary is only one of three personalities to have been awarded the honorific 
"Sporting legend" in her own country
(more than your hall of fame) The first woman to be registered for Le Mans , 
Daytona and one of only four women to win an International event outright. She 
has her own T.V show for gods sake!---- Probably the best ever female driver 
to sit in a car?
A works driver for Rootes , Ford, Porsche, Lancia and B.M.C.------------- Heck 
she's done more in her life than any 100 men put together!!! 
And you're worried about a dash plaque?
I'm not even going to list what Ian Hall has done ---- sufficient to say that 
his knowledge of the Roote's group is without peer.

Goose "Poop" lawn ! ---- give me a break ! -Did you walk on the promenade? 
Visit the restaurant? Use the convenient and clean wash rooms? --- all within 
"spitting" distance . Heck ,I was on the prom shooting the gulls with original 
tiger rivets and 
I didn't see YOU.

The rest of the CRAP on TUXX11
Is not even worth responding to ------------- Maria knapek was spot on  and 
expressed far more eloquently than I can manage,
The following:

                                               "I am a little bit surprised by 
the size of everyone's egos-
                                       they seem to be a bit larger than the 
passion for the car that you own"

If you do get involved with "Big Bear" then I genuinely wish you well 
-----just remember it will cost you in time, money, commitment and heartache 
------ and then someone will come along and say it was rubbish ?

Won't that be fun?

Congratulations to Mr Miller ,Margie kangas , Bill Martin, Paul Reisentz, Don 
Whitely, Dennis and Maria Knapek and the whole band of unpaid ,happy helpers 
like Dan Walters, Kathy and that terrific nutcase Alcala!

I guess your all totally "BONKERS"  Thanks for making it such a "goose poop" 
I suppose nobody wants to respond--------------      DO THEY?
D s Duncanson.   

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