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Re: Tiger Gas Mileage

To: johnson@ids.net
Subject: Re: Tiger Gas Mileage
From: brockctella@juno.com (Brock C Tella)
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 13:02:01 EDT
My car is not stock now but I remember back in 1966 that it got 20mpg in
town and mid 20 on highway. It was important cause I was a student with
limited funds who gave up a VW .
On Fri, 11 Jul 1997 08:38:31 -0400 Alvin and Lucille Johnson
<johnson@ids.net> writes:
>Standard Knapp wrote:
>> I have just finished restoring my Tiger 1a.  The engine is stock.  > 
>What should I get for highway gas mileage? 
> 1.It will get good mileage.
> 2.It will be very slow. Most Hondas and Volvos will blow by you 
>The 2.88 gears,the stock 2 barrell carb, and the restrictive exhaust
>make it a non-performer.
> 3. It will have a good top end. That's what it's geared for as
>produced. Never could figure out why. Clutch life will be short with
>those gears.
>Hot tip: Original wire hose clamps=another .06 MPG
>Al J. (Poor mileage, double pumper Holley, no 2.88s)

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