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RE: Archimedes'principle-Eureka's dirty bath water!

To: tigers <tigers@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: RE: Archimedes'principle-Eureka's dirty bath water!
From: "Spontelli, Ramon" <rs11@ElSegundoCA.NCR.COM>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 97 06:55:00 PDT
>  Ramon:
>   Welcome to the fray.

Well, I didn't and don't want to be in "the fray."  I just had to counter a 
silly suggestion for an abbreviated  autocross in favor of an extended 
concourse with an equally silly suggestion for a two-day autocross in favor 
of an abbreviated concourse.

>  One thing you fail to understand is that NO ONE is
>  arguing against autocross, particularly at the expense of a concours 

I understand your situation.  Exactly.

>  And by the way, where were you? You and your bride would have cleaned
>  everybody's clock on that boorish autocross course.

Thank you, but Theresia and I decided last year that it would be in 
everyone's best interest if we just passed on Tigers United from now on. 
  For us, it started in Tahoe with their chicken-shit rule that you had to 
present  the car in the concourse with the same wheels/tires you were going 
to run in the autocross.  I'll not go into any of our displeasure with 
Tigers United XX in Grants Pass.  Then, when we heard of the plans for more 
of the same in Bakersfield last year, we just decided that enough was enough 
already.  The reports on Eureka only solidify our position.

We wish you all well with the Big Bear event, but it is highly unlikely that 
we will be there either.

>Keep the faith...and your sense of humor.

We'd perish without plenty of both!


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