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Re: Molten Derlin bushings mess

To: Anita & Jim Barrett <anitabrt@mindspring.com>
Subject: Re: Molten Derlin bushings mess
From: Paul Burr <tigerpb@ids.net>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 22:59:03 +0100
Anita & Jim Barrett wrote:

>  I then increased the temperature to 400 F hoping it would thin down
>  and flow.  The plastic simply boiled out of the mold and from the
> arid smell, it apparently had started breaking down.  I just wasted 2"
> of Derlin.
> Still need a source of lower A arm bushings.
> Jim Barrett Tiger II 351C and others

Jim: If I'm not mistaken, I recall an old CAT shop note that listed a
Chevy Nova idler arm bushing as a direct replacement for the TIg/Alp
lower A arm bushes. If this is still true, there are several companies,
such as Energy Suspensions, making Delrin suspension for lots of Detroit
iron. A few phone calls should confirm this. I sold my old first edition
CAT shop notes....anybody got a copy so that they look up and
confirm/deny my fuzzy memories?

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