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FW: Tachometer

To: tigers@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: FW: Tachometer
From: "Parlee, Brad (ED&C,SLS)" <brad.parlee@edc.ge.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 10:59:36 -0400
I've got the same problem and I've got a couple of basic questions.
Does the old tach not self adjust for dwell?
Due all new Tachs adjust for dwell?
What is dwell angle?  I know how to measure it, but I'm not sure what it
Is calibrating the old tach against a "modern" new one a good idea?
Will having both tachs hooked up effect the test negatively.

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> Sent:         Friday, August 08, 1997 7:05 AM
> To:   tigers@autox.team.net
> Subject:      Tachometer
> Now that I've got my drive train sorted out, it's time to work on some
> of the smaller details!
> My tiger has a dual-point distributer, and the tach has never worked
> since I got the car. I 
> connected it up, and i get a reading but it is way high, which I guuss
> shouldn't suprise me.
> I've heard that there is a "replacement" tach the looks pretty good,
> but contains modern 
> electronics. Does anybody know about this? i've also heard that a tach
> for a Stag works.
> I'd appreciate any advice i could get on the subject.
> Joe

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