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Re: Hasta la Vista! -Reply

To: OldeAlp@aol.com, vbob@primenet.com
Subject: Re: Hasta la Vista! -Reply
From: John Crawley <johnc@nait.ab.ca>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 11:36:48 -0600
I intend to buy an Alpine junker that still has the original VIN
rivets in place. I will cut the sheet metal that it is attached to so
that I can get at the back of the origial rivets to drill them out.
This will save the origial heads to use to appear to attach my TIGERS
VIN back in place. All I need now is a method of causing the new
paint under the VIN to look as if it had aged for 32 years.

There . . . if that does not bring TACed rivets discussions back
nothing will!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your holiday Ole


>>> Timothy Obrien <vbob@primenet.com>  8/29/97, 11:27am >>>
On Fri, 29 Aug 1997 OldeAlp@aol.com wrote:

> Hey, boys and girls!  I'm going to be uns*bscribing to the lists
this weekend
> to take my longest non-working vacation since the summer after
fifth grade -
> when Roosevelt was still President.
>  > While I'm gone, please do not post any interesting or
informative stuff - I
> just HATE to be left out.
>  > "Ole" Olson
>  Ole',
We plan only on discussing TAC rivets at the next Tiger United and
including Alpines (proper)  in the inspection process. You won't miss


tim vb-o'brien

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