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Re: Hasta la Vista! -Reply

Subject: Re: Hasta la Vista! -Reply
From: Allan Connell <alcon@earthlink.net>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 13:16:35 -0700
All British Field Meet in "P" Town????  Say hello to the Burnside bums for
me.  Chances are most of them are my fraternity brothers from Oregon

While you're at it, show 'em what a LBC with a BFM can do!! 

Have Fun and where your R.A.T.S. colors......you know, the Tiger T-shirt
with the super-zoomy custom acid holes, sweat stains mixed with grease, oil
and a fair amount of blood.  Remember, it's the one specially designed to
be not just visually offensive; but with offlactory conditioning intended
to keep virtually all idiots at least 15 feet away....

BTW, dring a Blitz or a Henry's for me, would'ja??



At 04:10 PM 8/29/97 -0700, CHUCK NICODEMUS wrote:
>Jarrid Gross (Yorba Linda, CA) wrote:
>> All,
>> >Alright, SEVEN.  Hell, never said I could count.  What's the firing
>> order
>> >again???
>> Its 1342 dont you know
>> or is it 1432?
>> Jarrid Gross (R.A.T.S.  A.S.S member #4)
>1432 easn't that the year the ilalians lost the pinto and the guy names
>youse guys er nuts!
>chuck siad that.. going to the All British Field Meet in portland to
>nite and check up on sanders,lemming and the rest of the

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