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To: tigers@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Caster
From: Anita Barrett <anitabrt@mindspring.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 12:09:34 -0400
At 11:50 AM 8/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Jim Barrett wrote:
>>         I hope I am calculating correctly on caster.  My theory is that,
>> (assuming zero camber to start), if one could turn the spindle 90 degrees
>> then the "camber" would be the caster angle.  Therefore if I turn the
>> spindle 22 1/2 degrees the camber angle would be 1/4 of the caster.
>> That is why I did the 4x calculation.
>> I have a very expensive alignment set...
>It's clear that you've spared no expense with your alignment set.  I'm
>impressed.  Think that your 4X rule might stand a bit of refinement
>tho.  I suspect that coupling between camber and caster is not a linear
>function of steering angle but varies with the Sine of steering angle. 
>Mathematically it would look something like this:
>       Caster = Measured_camber X sin(Steering_angle)
>If this is correct, then, for a steering angle of 22.5 degrees,
>       Caster = Measured_camber X sin(22.5)
>              = Measured_camber X 0.38
>The 4X rule would then become a 1/0.38 = 2.6X rule.  Note also that in
>the limit, for an angle of 90 degrees, Sin(90) = 1 and camber = caster.
>Don't take this as gospel.  I haven't been through the analysis to say
>that its correct or otherwise.  It just looks right to me intuitively.
>Intuitively yours, Will Seay - B382001570 - wseay@sprynet.com
        I should have known better,  I don't know if you are exactly right
but I know I am completely wrong.   I have trouble thinking in multiple
dimensions sometime when I am setting there staring at a greasy front
end and sweat is running into my eyes.  I think that maby Florida has fried
my brain.  At least one can determine if both sides are about equal caster
angles by turning the tires a fixed angle on both sides.  I fixed my
pull to the right by moving a 3/32" shim from back to front on the left side
still have no idea what the caster is set to, but it seems to now be equal.

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