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Re: Lowering top on early Tiger

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Subject: Re: Lowering top on early Tiger
From: Cool VT <CoolVT@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 17:08:47 EST
An article, awhile back, maybe in CAT Shop Notes, reminded people when
installing new soft tops not to pull the top material too tight at the corners
(where top attaches to car).  If there is not enough slack there, the top will
not go down.

It seems like you should carefully check all parts and determine whether it's
the canvas parts that are keeping it from folding down.  If you can see that
everything is clearing then it might be the metal .  You should have a manual
or someone to show you how the top folds into the car.  I think originally
that the factory put out a service bulletine to dealers warnig them that they
must teach owners how to stow the top.  It sounds like many people had the
same problem.   Mark L.

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