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RE: oil filters

To: "'MWood24020@aol.com '" <MWood24020@aol.com>,
Subject: RE: oil filters
From: Theo Smit <TSMIT@isotel.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 00:12:20 -0700
Mike, Jim, and Listers,

The PO had routed the oil lines under the frame rail, they interfered with
the rack bellows. I drilled a pair of 1" holes in the fenderwell underneath
the left horn bracket, where they are more or less out of sight from inside
the engine compartment. A pair of PCV valve grommets protect the hoses that
run through there. It's an installation I'd recommend if you want a remote
oil filter location. For an installation at or near the original location,
Larry Paulick's idea of mounting the filter open end down and draining the
filter by poking a hole in the can is the best I've heard in ages. It just
might convince me to change the location...

If anyone is interested in hose routing specifics I can take pictures, once
I'm back in Calgary at the end of next week.


Nine time zones away and pining for Tigers...

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