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RE: Clutch Problems

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Subject: RE: Clutch Problems
From: "Bob Palmer" <rpalmer@ucsd.edu>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 07:51:10 -0700

Too bad about the clutch, but whatever the problems is, it can't be helped
by adjusting the threaded pushrod in the hydraulic slave cylinder. Just like
the way, for example, disk brakes work, a hydraulic system is
self-adjusting. The threaded pushrod adjustment is just there to allow
positioning of the slave piston in the approximately right position in the
cylinder; i.e., toward the back of the cylinder. There is a long list of
reasons why your clutch is slipping, all of which require you to pull the
tranny - which pretty much means pulling the whole engine/transmission
assembly. Check the archives for lots of postings on this subject. If it's a
new clutch, chances are it's just too weak. Replace it with a good
Centerforce Gold clutch. It's also possible that oil or grease has gotten on
the clutch from either a leaky rear main seal or too much grease in the
throwout bearing. Maybe the flywheel wasn't refaced and isn't making full
contact with the clutch plate. The list of possibilities is long. If you see
evidence that the rear main seal is leaking, that can be fixed without
removing engine/tranny. Does the clutch pedal depress hard or easy? If it
isn't pretty stout, this suggests that possibly the clutch pressure is too
weak. I say "possibly" because that depends on the type of clutch;
Centerforce clutches require less pedal force than other design types.

BTW, when you say "it slips some during all out acceleration in fourth
gear", do you mean on shifting to fourth gear, or while cruising in fourth
and then giving it full throttle? I assume you mean when shifting to fourth.

I hope this helps a little,


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