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First Crisis - Part Two

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Subject: First Crisis - Part Two
From: "Shaun Laughy" <shaunl@home.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 21:40:17 -0700
As a follow-up to the stalling problem I was having the other day, I finally
got a chance to take a closer look tonight.  Initially, I disconnected the
fuel line at the carb and turned on the ignition to start the fuel pump.  All
I got each time I tried this was a quick splash of fuel and them nothing more.
The fuel pump keeps whirring, though.

Next, I jacked up the rear of the car and loosened the fuel line where it
attaches at the rear of the car near the balance pipe.  Some fuel did leak out
while I was doing this, but it was hard to tell if a normal amount was coming
out because it was difficult to remove the line itself due to the protective
tab that covers the fuel line all the way along the floorboards.  This tab
made it so that it was nearly impossible to grab the fuel line to pull it out
of the fitting on the balance pipe.  How fast should it come out of the pipe
when the 11/32 nut is fully backed-off but the line hasn't been pulled out of
the fitting?

As I am not sure how much fuel is remaining and I am a little concerned about
whether or not the pan I have under the fuel line is capable of holding it
all, I re-secured the fitting and moved to the in-line K&N fuel filter that
resides between the tanks and the fuel pump.  First of all, it had a stripped
hose clamp on it, which I will be replacing.  Second, when I removed the
filter and opened it, I found that it had a very fine black grit in it (not a
lot, but clearly visible).  This grit looks finer than sand; almost powdery.
Is this an indication of the paint problem?

Finally, I am wondering if the K&N fuel filter element is intended to be
washed and re-used (like their air filters) or if it is intended to be
replaced.  If it is to be re-used, what should it be washed in?

Thanks, again, for all your help!  Being new to Tigers, I'm looking at these
problems as a quick way to learn about them!


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