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RE: First Crisis - Part Two

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Subject: RE: First Crisis - Part Two
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Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 12:24:10 -0700
I had this problem with my Tiger too and it was easy to clear with a wire
hook as described.  What was not so easy to clear was the blockage in the
rear section of the fuel line that goes between the tank and the pump.  This
section of line on my car was hopelessly clogged, I tried several techniques
to clear it but finally I had to fab a new line.  


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Hi Shaun

The black powder is residue of the black paint that is blocking
your cross pipe right at the pick off for the gas line.

All of my Alpines have suffered the same fate.  Big chips of tank
interior paint flack off and curl up blocking the narrow feed 
coming off the cross pipe.  It make for a very slow fuel feed...

Once you have pulled the nut off the gas line the fuel presseur
should almost force it off.. If it is blocked the fuel will
jut dribble out  until you free the clog with a wire hook..
then be prepared for a flood.. 13 Gal will not fit in a 5 gal
jerry can....

The first time it happend to me I had filled the tank thinking more
fuel would clear the blockage  :-(....   

My conclusion.. once this starts is that it is time to pull the tanks, 
clean and coat them.  Clearing the clog and getting drenched
in petrol each time gets old fast.... Mine would only go a week
or so before cloging again.

                        Steve F
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