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Re: Crisis - Another Solution - The Fuel Tank Selant.

To: Rich Atherton <aka.gumby@gte.net>
Subject: Re: Crisis - Another Solution - The Fuel Tank Selant.
From: twojohnsons@home.com
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 08:22:00 -0400
I have an unused & unopened Eastwood's Gas Tank Sealer & Etching  kit gathering
dust that is available for cheap plus postage, if anyone is interested.
Al Johnson

> Once the tanks are out  I recommend the following..  Wash out each tank
> completely after fully disassembly (ie tubes hoses, breather lines, sending
> units...  if you have some lacquer thinner, wash that around in there too.
> then let them dry.  Once they are dried, EVERYTHING that is in side the tank
> needs to be removed, and an easy way to do this is with a good couple of
> handfuls of clean nuts bolts, nails, even crashed gravels works well for
> this.  put a cup or two in the tank, and tap off all openings  (make sure
> there is NO gas smell in them at all.  No go sit in your favorite chair and
> watch football, or the All-star game..(Here at Safeco Field !!...Sorry
> Shameless plug for our stadium and Mariners!)  Start shaking this mix around
> in the tank.  Makes a lot of noise, the more violently you can shake it the
> better and less time it takes.  The abrasives in there will chip and grand
> away at the paint, and do no damage to the tank itself.  when done, remove
> the tape and dumps the stuff.out.  The tank should now be pretty clean and
> shinny on the inside   You're half done....
> No call around to your local motorcycle dealers and ask for Kreme  It's a 3
> step solution.. Cleaner, Prep, and sealant...this one's not cheap  and
> you'll need probably two full kits @ $39 each....Since motorcycle tanks
> Never have paint in them, the cleaner may not remove the paint.  That's why
> the abrasives (as above) works well..  There are other brands that work just
> as well if not a little better since you don't need the cleaner.  The stuff
> is generally called Slushing Compound, and comes in quart cans.    it looks
> and smells like rubber cement or gasket cinch...but thinner, and is never
> affected by any fuels, including Av-gas (high octane Aviation gas), alcohol,
> nitro (Dragster fuel), or anything else we ever ran through them.  For the
> cars, just regular gas and alcohol are the main ones..  Now.. Rinse out the
> tanks one last time to remove that last of the grit, and chips.. and let
> them dry.  A Hair dryer works well for this.   Follow the instruction now on
> the sealer you bought, Once this stuff has been washed all around inside the
> tank, it adheres to everything, and seals all liquids away from the metal.
> Sealing all rust, pin holes, cracks, leaks, and in this case flaking paint
> from ever entering the fuel system again.  It take a full day for this stuff
> to cure, but it works like a charm...this is how I did my tanks, on both my
> old Alpine, and several motorcycles over the years...
> Hope this Helps
> Good Luck.!!!

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