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Re: Radial/Comp T/A

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Subject: Re: Radial/Comp T/A
From: geewhiz <geewhiz@inreach.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 20:01:39 -0700
Shaun Laughy wrote:
> For some reason, my recently acquired Tiger has Radial T/A'a on the front and
> Comp T/A's on the back (both 205/60(V)R13 on Panasports).  Just wondering if
> it makes more sense to have the Comps on the rear (improved traction but I
> will likely destroy them in short order :-) ) or on the front (might help the
> beast get around corners a little better).  Any thoughts on this?  Eventually,
> I will put the same tires on all four corners, but I am spending MORE than
> enough money on other things right now!
> Thanks,
> SL

It is quite possible that the car had the same type of tire all the way around
at one point, and when the previous owner went to buy replacements for the rear
tires he smoked off, they were not made any more.  Since many Tigers don't get
driven much, the tires can be on there for many, many years, while tire brands
come and go.

Do yourself a favor, and perform a close inspection of all the tires for
cracking and rot, as they may be quite old.  I believe there was a woman
seriously injured last year by old tires that came apart at high speed on the
freeway.  Anyone know how she is doing?

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