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Subject: Re: Phhhhhhhht!!!
From: Steve Laifman <SLaifman@SoCal.RR.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 08:25:27 -0700
On Pertronix failure.

I have had a Pertronix for over two years, now, and haven't had any
problems whatsoever. The gap is the same as it was on the day it was
set, as there is no contact, or wear. I would have had to re-adjust the
dwell twice, and replace the points of the conventional ignition during
this time.

The ignition timing idles and peaks at the same advance and rpm as it
did when installed. I have no experience with Mallory's unit, but it has
a good reputation. I avoided it because it required an interrupted light
circuit, rather than a Hall-effect semiconductor sensing of a magnet
passing. The latter seemed more reliable, and unaffected by dirt.

In either case, adding a high energy ignition system (MSD-6AL, or such)
AFTER the points, or points replacement, does nothing to resolve any
failure of the point interrupt device. It would reduce the current in
the normal points, to increase point life. Unfortunately, the point
manufacturers know about point pitting/wear, and have cleverly found
fiber/nylon rubbing blocks that wear at the same rate, in order to keep
the gap constant. Reducing the point wear does not reduce the rubbing
block wear, so they do not get any life extension benefit of any
magnitude. Ain't science wonderful?

I would withhold judgment on the cause of the Pertronix failure for the
manufacturer's failure analysis of the returned "corpse". Please, Steve,
request a reply to alleviate your concerns about the replacement, and to
let us all know the results. The heat under the hood in nowhere near the
capabilities of the electronic components involved.  I open my hood, and
the distributor is probably one of the cooler components under the hood.
If yours is very hot to touch, there is something wrong, and it would
affect any electronic device, including the MSD add-on. My stock Ford
Mustang, LTD, and Mustang 2 automobile electronic high energy module,
similar to a minimized, was extremely sensitive to normal car
temperatures, regardless of stock points, and was actually recalled by
Ford because of this - some ten years of failures later.

Good Luck.

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