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Re: Scary moment

To: Tigers@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Scary moment
From: Jay_Laifman@countrywide.com
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 08:27:35 -0700
>> For what it's worth. I'm glad this
>>happened near home, and not when
>> I was barrelling down the highway.

Been there, done that.  Six months or so ago, my Alpine tranny locked up on
me, throwing the car into a slide, at 65 mph, in the dark, on the freeway,
with a 18 wheeler behind me.  The car still sits up on jack stands with the
offending tranny beside it.  Haven't been able to get up to work on it.

>Is this true? Having a TR6 parked in the garage
>lends the impression that the drums and the '6'
>are larger than a a Tiger. I'd compare them first
>before buying.

Perhaps we are mixing numbers.  Years ago, when I needed rear cylinders for
the Alpine (same as Tiger), the guy at the auto parts store took one look
at them and said that they were the same as his TR4.  He came back 30
seconds later with the cylinders.  Of course, I'm not suggesting cylinders
necessasrily mean the shoes are any particular size.


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