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Missing Water and Rough Idle

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Subject: Missing Water and Rough Idle
From: ssage@socal.rr.com
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 12:41:36 -0800
Hello Sunbeamers:
I'd appreciate advice on two questions:

1. The Tiger runs  pretty rough when first started in the morning when 
it's dead cold. It starts up perfectly, no problem there, and idles on 
the Holley's automatic choke as it's supposed to (although a bit rough), 
but when I take off, it runs rough (stumbles a bit...it seems like there 
might be some mis-firing going on), until it reaches full running 
temperature and above (170 degrees and above), at which point it runs 
and accelerates perfectly smoothly. What is most likely to cause this? 
Spark plugs?

2. My Tiger is thirsty, but does not seem to be spitting coolant out its 
top, as far as I can see. I was suspicious of the heater core, as I can 
sometimes get a whiff of coolant smell in the passenger compartment. I 
took the core out and had it pressure tested (to 25 lbs) and the 
radiator shop said it's not leaking!!!?? (I'm still suspicious since 
where else would that smell likely come from?). I also thought I had 
found a problem at that thin pipe that comes out of the radiator top 
(where you connect the hose to the header tank). It seemed there was 
come corrosion there, but I cleaned it a week ago and have not seen any 
coolant since. There's no evidence of a leak out the bottom, again, as 
far as I can see, and all the hoses seem OK Anywhere else I should look 
in the engine compartment? I have been adding water almost every day 
(about 1 to 1 1/2 bottles worth of water from the Tudor windshield 
washer bottle).

There's occassionally (especially in colder weather) some white smoke 
and a bit of water (condensation?) out the pipes (not a lot) when I 
first start in the morning, but never any later in the day or when it's 

Jane and I are very sorry about Laura's passing.

Steve Sage

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