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RE: Missing Water and Rough Idle

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Subject: RE: Missing Water and Rough Idle
From: "Allan Connell, Jr" <alcon@cox.net>
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2002 20:44:28 -0800

Glad to hear the re-calibration of the choke worked.  Consider recalibrating
again in about 1500-2000 miles or so.  Might make a difference.

With regard to your no longer using coolant....and that you added the
parameter of the recent draining of the system...it is quite possible your
cooling system was indeed NOT full and needed to be "burped" to get rid of
the air pockets.  This was an interesting subject on the list several years
ago.  Anybody care to resurrect it??



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Subject: Re: Missing Water and Rough Idle

Allan Connell, Jr wrote:

>I second Dave's motion on filing the overflow tank.
>It should be no more than half-full when cold....matter of fact, slightly
>less is better.
>When I first started Tigering, I foolishly filled the tank to 3/4 full.
>quite a while I kept wondering why it always came back down to a little
>than half-full after driving for a couple of hours.  Thankfully the
>curmudgeon in Tierrasanta (Mr. Barker) pointed out the error of my ways
>without beating me up too badly.  :)  He's a great albeit demanding IP!
AC and others:
Good idea, but I have installed an aftermarket expansion tank so that
the "overflow" from the header tank goes to it, and then is sucked back
into the system when the car gets cooler. I did this for the purpose of
being able to run the Tiger's system completely full, which I am told
does allow for more efficient cooling. I know that the header tank, in
line with its original design, has that little plate in there that shows
the level the water is to be at when cool. Before I added my extra tank,
even when I filled it to just that level plate, when the Tiger got
really hot (almost every day) it would spit water out the overflow hose.
Not a bad idea about bypassing the heater core for a while to see if it
still uses water...............
................however, a weird thing has happened the last three
mornings (including today, after a good long drive last night, including
lots of stop and go traffic): I have not had to add any more water! I
doubt that the car has fixed itself (I haven't seen any extra credit
card charges on my AM-EX bill lately), but I wonder if the system just
took a lot more water/coolant to fill it than I had thought after I had
drained it to take out the heater core a few weeks ago. I'm going to
watch things carefully for the next few days, and if the water level
stays to the top, I'll consider myself very lucky. The one variable has
been that the weather here in Los Angeles is quite a bit cooler in the
last three weeks or so.

It still does run rough on acceleration when dead cold in the morning,
though, but it's improved somewhat since I re-adjusted the auto choke
setup, as suggested by a lister a couple of days ago. I'm going to
change the spark plugs today as I'm suspicious they might be a bit fouled..

Now it's back to the car to try and figure out why my right rear turn
signal stopped working last night. Hopefully just a ground or the bulb.

As usual, thanks for all the help and suggestions.

By the way, I drive the Tiger about 15-18,000 miles a year, which might
be a factor in my always having something "fun" to post to the list.

Steve Sage

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