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RE: Damn Brake Light Switch

To: alpines@autox.team.net, Tigers@autox.team.net
Subject: RE: Damn Brake Light Switch
From: Jay_Laifman@countrywide.com
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 13:58:15 -0800
Some have asked, so I ran down to the garage and got the box.  It is by 
Intermotor, Nottingham, England, part number SPB401-AM  or also 51610, but 
probably the SPB number.  It is in a blue and yellow box.  I'm now on my 
third one (which replaced one that has been in there for probably over 25 
years as I don't remember ever replacing it to begin with - maybe my dad 
remembers putting one in 25 years ago when we first got the car.  But, 
even if he does remember, it still only means that it lasted for a long 
long time).

It was my intent to simply get a new one to last until I could fabricate a 
bracket, which I still plan on doing.  But, when he told me the Lucas one 
has had no complaints, I thought I'd just give that a shot with no 
fabrication.  I have some ideas about a bracket.  But, it will take some 
time to do it right so that it will position the switch in the right place 
and still be strong enough not to weaken and twist from the constant on 
and off pressure (which I know will not be that strong of pressure.  But, 
enough to have to make sure it is right).


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Jay Laifman
11/12/2003 11:52 AM

        To:     alpines@autox.team.net, Tigers@autox.team.net
        Subject:        Damn Brake Light Switch

I stated in an earlier posting to the SAOC board that I was having trouble 
with my third new brake light switch.  Each one has worked fine when 
installed, then slowly needed more and more pressure to light, and stopped 
working.  I drive the car every day and have never ever put in any DOT 5 - 
only Castrol LMA Dot 3/4.

So, I went to the store again.  Popped in a new one, no special bleeding 
or anything, and it's working again fine.  The shop owner said he has 
heard of problems with this brand's switch - it is in a blue/yellow box, 
same one I got from Sunbeam Specialties three switches back.  I can get 
the name if anyone is interested - the box is in my trunk.  He also said 
that he has heard of no problems with the more expensive Lucas one (about 
$30).  So he ordered one for me.

Just remember to keep checking that your are working!


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