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Re: [Tigers] Mustan double hump pan

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Mustan double hump pan
From: "Mike Hokanson" <hokey@oasisol.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 16:33:27 -0800
I looked at the possibility of using the Fox pan as an opportunity to change
to a rear-steer design a few years ago, but the headers immediately take it
out of the equation.  I will be using the Fox-style pan with increased
capacity as this allows me to use a removable crossmember that ties the frame
rails together and serve as a means of ditching the Tiger cast mounts allowing
me to fabricate a decent set of headers with larger primary tubes.  To answer
a few other inquiries I rec'd today asking about the new front crossmembers
I'm building - I'm still building them.  I have one going into a crate as we
speak and shipping Friday.  Another is getting ready for powdercoat.  I also
have another going to the S.F. Bay area as soon as I can get it finished.  I'm
a busy guy, and there is a fair amount of time involved fabricating these
units.  I am starting the mockup for the rear IRS unit that I'm building and
it looks like my time available to build things will become fairly limited
starting this Fall.  Reason for my prior posting concerning the production run
is several people wanted one, but when I contacted them and their spot was
available, nearly 20 people backed out for numerous reasons, mostly due to
cost realization when it came time to write the check, and I can fully
understand it's a fair chunk of $$$ to be investing in a toy for some people.
I'll dump upwards of $1500 or more in parts and materials alone before I turn
on the Tig machine.  Then it takes me around 100-120 hours to fully fabricate
the unit and get it powdercoated, etc.  Bottom line - if someone wants one,
speak up and we'll take care of business before the timeline gets crunched and
my schedule becomes frazzled later this year.  I've always tried to
accommodate people's schedules and timelines, and I'll always be able to
fabricate everything I've done in the past, but you'll have to wait for it.
My main concern was to not schedule a bunch of units and then have a time
constraint.  I do not want to disappoint anybody.

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  Subject: [Tigers] Mustan double hump pan

  Hi Theo,

  Are thinking the same thing I am?

  The Mustang double hump pan would help in designing a new suspension
  Like Mike's but maybe even better.  I am thinking tubular like all the K
  designs I see in the Mustang mags.  Even lighter weight, even stronger (the
  pan hump would be right in line with the front wheel centerline.  Steering
  behind the second hump (rear steer, rack down low with perfect ackerman).


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  Subject: Re: [Tigers] Fulcrum Pins

  To Bob and Mike Hokanson: Does the front crossmember that you built

  locate the rack under the oil pan, and do you then end up using one of

  the late model 5.0 (rear sump) oil pans?

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