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[Tigers] fulcrum pin failure

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Subject: [Tigers] fulcrum pin failure
From: "Peter Phelps" <tigeruk@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 18:28:22 -0800
Buck and other Tigers,

Years ago ('91) at Tigers United XVII in Santa Rosa, Deb and I pulled into the
host hotel parking lot in my black tiger. We turn left into a space only to be
told all the Tigers were parking elsewhere. Reversing at the same full left
lock, we had moved back about 15 feet when there was a tremendous unloading of
energy only to be contain by a bent Koni shock ram and a slightly bent shock
tower on the right side (already reinforced). The lower pin had failed at the
rear near the radius with the tire headed toward the front valence. I was only
running a 5" American 8 spoke with a CN36 Pirelli, not the stickiest setup.
But it could not have happen at a better time, plenty of friendly interest and
help. Ran the rest of that T.U. on a borrowed A arm from a helpful local
owner's parts pile. After that slow speed incident, it was aftermarket pins
for me and my wife.

Buck, you can add me to group #1.

Peter Phelps
Grass Valley, Ca.
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