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[Tigers] #39 and Guards Red

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Subject: [Tigers] #39 and Guards Red
From: "rande" <rande@thecia.net>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 14:51:32 -0400

It's funny that I know several owners who painted their cars Guards Red. At
the time, I thought they figured 'what's good for my 944 is good for the 
maybe they were just tipped off by Doug or other restorer.

The tip to bring a unfaded piece of the Tiger in to the paint mixer is a good
one. I don't have a Carnival Red car (it's actually Deep Canyon Red / Maroon)
but the two fuel tank retaining brackets in the trunk are #39 C.Red, and maybe
someone trying to match the color can bring one of theirs to the mixer. It comes
off with just three bolts.
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