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Re: [Tigers] MK2 Clutch Slave Cylinder Pushrod Setup

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] MK2 Clutch Slave Cylinder Pushrod Setup
From: " Ron Fraser" <rfraser@bluefrog.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 11:24:30 -0400

        All the part number seem to be the same from Mk I to Mk II for the
slave cylinder parts.   I always recommend you safety wire the pushrod so
just in case there is a problem you do not loose the pushrod in the middle
of nowhere.

Ron Fraser

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Subject: [Tigers] MK2 Clutch Slave Cylinder Pushrod Setup

Hi and thanks.  I hope you don't mind that I copy the list in the hope of
acquiring the needed info.  No, I have the original MK2 bell housing, which
is the C5DA-6394-A, as described in this article.   The bellhousings of the
MK1A and the MK2 have obvious differences in that the MK1A has a five bolt
engine attachment pattern and a narrow bolt pattern for the transmission,
and the MK2 has a six bolt engine attachment pattern and a wide arrangement
for the HEH-CF transmission.  Both have 10.5 inch clutch forks (lever arms)
(the Mk1A attaches to the bellhousing pivot with a weak looking wire clip,
and the MK2 with a stronger looking flat spring clip).

The difference that has me wondering is at the slave cylinder ends of the
two lever arms, which are different. The MK1A9s lever arm uses a unique clip
to hold the slave cylinder clutch rod to the end of the clutch fork. The MK2
(as shown in the article) has a simple conical pit in it, with no provisions
for any retaining clip.  The author of the article says, 3I9m not sure if
this [MK1A] clutch rod clip works with the [MK2] lever arm, but you may be
able to modify it.2  My questions are, since there are no provisions for a
clutch rod retaining wire clip on the MK2 arm, does this mean either that
the pushrod is different on the MK2 than it was on the MK1A, and (if not) is
there a need to use a retaining clip at all with the MK2 clutch lever arm?
If both answers are negative, then I will simply install the MK1A pushrod
into the slave cylinder and hope for the best.  Does anyone know how the MK2
setup looked?  I want to be sure about this because I can9t imagine the
disaster that would be caused by firing the pushrod out of the slave
cylinder!  Thanks in advance.  M

On 7/13/10 3:38 AM, "Gary" <maliburevue@yahoo.com> wrote:

> You may have the wrong clutch fork. You need to use the same clutch
> fork as the 5 bolt setup, at least the same length. Read the attached
> article to
> out which bellhousing and clutch fork you do have.
> Gary
> --- On Mon, 7/12/10, Would U. Believe <mcdangerous@verizon.net> wrote:
>> From: Would U. Believe <mcdangerous@verizon.net>
>> Subject: [Tigers] MKII / Six Bolt Clutch Slave Cylinder Setup
>> To: "tigers@autox.team.net" <tigers@autox.team.net>
>> Date: Monday, July 12, 2010, 6:30 PM
>>> Hi all.  I have a question about the clutch cylinder setup on the
>>> MK2/289
>> six
>>> bolt bellhousing.  I have the MK2 clutch slave cylinder bracket and
>>> the
>> MK1A's slave cylinder, so that's a good start.  But because the
>> clutch
>> is
>>> different from the older 5 bolt housing's clutch fork, I'm wondering
>>> if
>>> 3actuating rod2 from the slave cylinder is also different, or if the
>>> part will work. Does anyone know? Thanks. (I hope that all makes
>>> some
>>> sense!)
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