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Re: [Tigers] New Clutch Adjustment (Help/Advice Needed)

To: Tony Somebody <achd73@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [Tigers] New Clutch Adjustment (Help/Advice Needed)
From: Tom Parker <tkparker1941@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 16:08:29 -0400
You can't put the disk in backwards and bolt up the pressure plate. The
center of the disk is raised about an inch on the rear facing side to house
the springs. It has to face the pressure plate. I've put a lot of things
together backwards over the years, but assembling a clutch is almost
foolproof (as long as you remember to torque the bolts...)

Y'all have me a bit nervous. I replaced my old pressure plate with a
diaphragm plate during the rebuild and haven't adjusted the system, so I
can't say whether the new clutch rod will be long enough. Guess I'll have to
get out and get under tonight. I'm gonna hate to have to pull the engine
again; I had the same cross member problems reported by a couple other guys


On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 3:45 PM, Tony Somebody <achd73@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I cant say positive either way but it seems years ago I put one together
> backwards BUT I have had lots of things that have created memory loss- like
> being dead for 33 minutes and I used to smoke those funny smelling
> cigarettes-
> yeah, I know, no one else ever did that- at least I wasn't a drunk. LOL
> Next
> time I have the chance I will see IF it can be done and Report back to the
> LIST. I know a S5 Alpine can be installed backwards, as my Irish friend who
> has restored a beautiful S2, using a  ton of my parts, including a 1725
> with
> an almost brand new head. I told him DID NOT go with the engine- he used it
> anyway. The Irish guys have a way of making you feel like its your fault,
> at
> least my friend Hughie does and stories, I cant wait for everyone to meet
> him,
> see his S2 and listen to his stories from being in the military and
> fighting
> with the UK chaps. He isn't very big but I have witnessed him out lift and
> out
> work men twice his size while I was setting
>  in the crane. He was rebuilding 25 ton long wall shields, used to hold up
> the
> roof while the long wall system rips the coal from the face, he came to
> work
> with a tool box with tools much like what you would buy your child in first
> grade. He was a blast to listen to. One morning a chap didn't show up, so
> he
> told one of the guys friend to"go knock him up"! The guy looked at him and
> replied if he knocked him up that not only would his girlfriend be really
> pissed, his Dad would kick his arse. There where many other sayings he had,
> all funnier than the one before.
> For any golfer there is a tournament going on at the Greenbrier Hotel  in
> White Sulphur Springs WVa.(Televised) I went to Greenbrier Military Sch.in
> Lewisburg, about 6 miles from the Brier and we had our final ball (prom) in
> the big ball room(they had 3) at the Greenbrier- if you have time, check it
> out, they show shots of the whole place every so often. The President had a
> bunker there, underground in case of nuclear attack- for years it was owned
> by
> CanO railroad but they closed it down and a guy name Jim Justice bought it
> for
> 20 million. I think he was a graduate of GMS, my almamatta BUT, I have to
> ask
> to confirm that, I  thought I read it in a newsletter BUT we are back to
> the
> memory thing again.
> Cheers to ALL.
> TtT
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