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Passport is a known entity, for sure.
I had a Formula Ford (very, very low ground clearance/fiberglass body  
panels etc) shipped recently from FL to my home in CA and used BATS Motorsports 
out of OR. They were recommended by a couple of fellow SCCA members, fully  
insured/bonded, showed me pictures of their rigs/bill of lading/contracts 
prior  and came in about 15-20% lower than other bids. Car was delivered 
(plus a couple  of boxes of spares/extra wheelsets etc) on time and with no 
damage. I was happy  with their service.
Funny story...when they picked up my car, the PO was amused to see that the 
 car they were loading it into the carrier behind was a Lamborghini, 
stretched in  the passenger compartment...on its way to the owner, Shaq :-)
In a message dated 4/2/2012 7:18:23 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
lon@sedona.net writes:

Short  story about Brokers.   I have always used Passport and they  have
been nothing but over the top amazing.  One even beat me home to  AZ after a
buying trip to the Northeast.

I recently sold a  car to a guy in Fl.  He thought Passport too much and 
to a  broker.  In the middle of the night (12 hours late) comes the  hired
truck (an 18 wheeler) that appeared out of a third world country,  dented 
filthy.  When he parked it to load the car, the trailer was  so tweaked he
couldnt get the rear door open.  Moved the truck twice  until the door
opened and tried to load the car.  It was a low car and  had to get a 
start to clear the hump on the door.  I  documented the whole thing so I
wouldnt be blamed for selling damaged  vehicle.  When they finally 
the car to Orlando, the driver  stated he couldnt get into the  
and parked thirty miles  away.  The buyer had to bum a ride to the next
county to get his  car.  After seeing this, and yep is was about = price of
Passport, I  could understand why.  I would never, ever use a broker to ship
a car  of  mine.


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