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Re: [Tigers] Ignition Switch

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Ignition Switch
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Date: Sat, 18 May 2013 10:13:44 -0500
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Keep us updated. Jay. TtT
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CoolVT@aol.com wrote:

>If you have a can of contact cleaner I would suggest spraying every  
>electrical part that has to carry any juice.
>Mark L
>In a message dated 5/18/2013 9:49:30 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
>jay.laifman@gmail.com writes:
>I pulled  apart my ignition switch.  It was pretty easy.  As indicated,  
>pry out two of the points on the can that are pressed in, hold towel  to 
>to stop bleeding from screwdriver slipping out of indentation  point and 
>the finger, put switch in vice, lightly clamping around nut,  and finish 
>indentation point.
>Put in key, press ice pick in  hole in side to release lock barrel.
>Pull apart.
>The switch is  much more beefy than I expected.  It has a strong spring and 
>built  of large, thick metal for contacts.  I'm actually kind of surprised  
>it has any issue.  But, I've cleaned it up and sanded all the  contacts.  I
>basically put a piece of fine sandpaper in between each  of the three 
>points and rotated the sandpaper back and forth, and  rotated the contact to
>each of the three positions to get each one.   This probably makes no sense
>unless you have one open in your hands.   I was thinking of dremel, but 
>none of
>my attachments are small enough to  fit in there.
>I'm also cleaning and sanding the tabs out the back that  the wires attach  
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