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Re: [Tigers] Warning about Old Tires

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Warning about Old Tires
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Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2013 09:36:17 -0400
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        These are all good points.

        We should all be aware of the Manufacturer's Date code and how to
read them.

        We should all inspect our tires yearly; I generally check mine
before winter, again in the spring and always before taking a trip.  I was
going to take a trip to Pa with my Tiger for a TE/AE meet but when I checked
the tires one was split in the tread area at multiple points.  I ordered new

        The tires I replaced on my Tiger were over 10 yrs old.  They never
lost air pressure.  They were not noisy on the highway.  They never had ply
shift or even a blemish in the rubber until this spring.  Maybe I was lucky
but then again I inspect all my tires regularly.

        Articles I have read indicate some Tire Manufacturers say replace
after 5 years.  I have also read articles that state some of the small
checking in the sidewall is normal but any splits in the tread area is very

        Many factors deteriorate tires; sunlight, sitting in water or ice,
ozone, road hazards and more.

        Everyone needs to have a plan about tire safety for themselves.

        Be Aware and Be Safe.

Ron Fraser

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Having almost died in a horrible head on collision with a tanker semi truck,
I implore you and everyone else to check your date codes. If over 7 years
old, regardless of mileage, get new tires. Now the story. I like to play
with Motorhomes, I have owned 5, I use them for work meeting space and
portable bathroom, hospitality for football games and a place to relax and
change at the racetrack. I rarely sleep in them, but love the option. I had
just bought one outside Ocala, FL and started towards home, 13 miles later
on a two lane road in the middle of nothing, my left front tire deintegrates
and I veer into the oncoming lane in the direct path of a speeding orange
juice semi tanker truck. Adrenaline kicks in and I am able to  manhandle the
steering wheel and get it back over in time to only lose my mirror which was
sheered off by the semi. It was about as close to dying as I have ever come.
The new tire was under $200, the mirror and associated repairs were nearly
$400, being alive...priceless. The tires on the coach were 11 years old.

Michael Shortt
 On Sep 4, 2013 11:30 PM, "Stu Brennan" <stubrennan@comcast.net> wrote:

> Agreed.  I had two Famous Maker tires fail on my old Jetta.  They were
> old but looked OK and still had ample tread left.  They suffered some
> sort of internal separations resulting in them being not quite round
> anymore.  The wobble was quite dramatic.  No disasters, low speed,
> just a few miles from home.
> When the first failed, I said "that's odd".  When the second did the
> same thing, I immediately replaced the rest.
> A few years later I got a set of neat wheels for the Tiger, including
> the old Continentals mounted on them.  I contacted Conti, and they
> recommended replacing them, since the tires were well beyond the 6 or
> 7 years max they claim.
> We replaced two sets this year, one on the Tiger, and some 7 year old
> Goodies on my daughter's car, that were starting to show external
> cracks and one started losing a few pounds a month.
> Stu
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