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You didn't read it far enough:

"Installing the engine required some unusual manufacturing methods, including 
using a sledgehammer to bash in part of the already primed and painted bulkhead 
to allow the engine to be slid into place"


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I just read the Tiger wiki entry.. HOLLY CRAP IS IT BAD:


In the first intro section there are some absolute howlers:

*Series II, of which only 633 were built in the final year of Tiger
production, was fitted with the larger Ford 289 cu in (4.7 L) engine !!
*"series I and II" Tigers as opposed to mark
*The Tiger is derivative of the '53 mark alpines!!

got worse as I read on.. we should really try ad sort this out.. i'm almost
surmised it doesn't have that lovely urban myth that the cars were modified
with sledge hammer.

How can we coordinate to set this right?


Michael King


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