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Re: Sticking t/o carrier

To: 6pack@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Sticking t/o carrier
From: Don Malling <dmallin@attglobal.net>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 07:09:50 -0400

The Gunst instructions seem kind'a picky about the kind of grease used. I have 
an empty tube of the 
stuff and can let you know what it is next weekend. Seems to me I looked once 
on the web and had a 
source for it, but my memory is a little fuzzy on that point.

Did you use the dowels to register the back plate to the engine and the bell 
housing to the back 
plate? The following is from Gunst's instructions.

Important! Prior to installation make sure
the two dowels between the engine plate
and the gearbox are present. Missing
dowels can cause rough jerky clutch
operation as the release bearing is not
centric to the clutch (see drawing)
The same applies for the two dowels
between engine and engine plate.

I will send you his instructions.

Don Malling

Sally or Dick Taylor wrote:
> Joe---With some well placed holes in the bell housing, you could
> probably see to squirt some lubricant down onto the tranny front cover.
> With the clutch disengaged to get a large area, of course, and the
> heavier the grease, the better.
> I am surprised that the bronze carrier, if this is what you have, is
> sticking on the front cover, as this material should be superior to the
> steel carriers.
> Dick
> From: Lizirbydavis@cs.com Date: Mon, Sep 12, 2005, 10:33pm (PDT+3) To:
> 6pack@autox.team.net Subject: sticking t/o carrier 
> I need to lubricate my t/o bearing carrier. I've had some "sticking"
> issues which I've narrowed down to the carrier hanging up on the end of
> the transmission out put shaft. If I disconect the slave push rod and
> slide the carrier back and forth a couple of times the clutch is smooth
> as silk for a couple of hundred miles. I guess sliding it the full
> length of it's travel causes the carrier to pick up a little grease, and
> lubricates it for a while. After a while, the clutch, while functioning
> normally, is sticky, and creaks like an old screen door. In retrospect,
> I can't remember" what I used to lubricate the carrier. Obviously it
> wasn't adequate. I do remember the bear grease was omitted from the TRF
> gunst kit. I didn't think it would be that big a deal to use something
> else. I checked the surfaces prior to assembly, and I thought it all
> looked good, so I don't think the condition of the out put shaft/carrier
> union is the issue, rather simple lack of lubrication. Question: Has
> anyone tried to perform laproscopic surgery on the bell housing? I
> wonder if I could drill three holes in the bell housing. One to see
> through, one to shine a light through, and one to somehow apply some
> grease to the shaft? Any ideas? Joe Davis 

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