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Re: the ULTIMATE Road-Rage tool....Scary...

To: Alex Quirk <>
Subject: Re: the ULTIMATE Road-Rage tool....Scary...
From: Mike Bultemeier <>
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 1999 14:32:21 -0600
Can I get one mail order? Is this a Huck and Chuck item? Is it harmful
to my cars clear coat finish?

Mike B.

Alex Quirk wrote:

> Hey Team.netters......
> just thought you might be interested in a NEW form of defensive weapon for
> use on your morning commute....I HOPE it doesn't find its way to OUR
> shores....
> A Great way to eliminate competition at your local Solo.....even better than
> cootie filled helmets....JUST KIDDING...    =8-)
>      Alex Quirk
>      St Marys  PA
>      '81 Chevy Chevette  DSP
>      '83 Pontiac 1000   DSP
>      '89 Pontiac (YOU'VE got to be kidding!) Safari SW ESP
> "enjoy what you drive and DRIVE IT WELL!!!"

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