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Re: Helmet Painting

Subject: Re: Helmet Painting
From: Kenneth Allan Mitchell <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 19:12:18 -0700
Snells can be painted. There was a rule that the ANSI Z DOT helmets
could not be painted. wrote:
> San Francisco Region has recently lost about 10-12 helmets due to theft from
> those who were supposed to "borrow" them.  We need to replace them, and make
> both the new ones and those remaining in loaner service somewhat less
> desirable.
> Does anyone know what the limitations are as to painting currently Solo 2
> legal helmets?  I seem to remember that there were problems with helmet shell
> integrity, but that it only applied to DOT helmets, not Snell rated ones.
> Charlie Davis
> SFR Solo 2 Chief

Kenneth Allan Mitchell

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