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Re: clarification on roadster parts 66

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Subject: Re: clarification on roadster parts 66
From: Gordon Glasgow <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 20:36:18 -0700
Actually there are two more cowl drains, although they may be plugged. There is 
one on each side,
under the fender. If you stick your head inside the fender (jack it up first, 
it's a lot easier) and
shine a light up there, you will see a flat spout that sticks out just a little 
from the cowl area.
These side drains are also the cause of a lot of fender and door post rust, as 
they dump right into
that area. The tires throw mud back there and the cowl drain keeps it nice and 
wet. If you ever see
a roadster with a line of rust bubbles running vertically down the front fender 
just ahead of the
door seam, that means it's rusting through from the inside and the door post is 
probably history,

R Haug wrote:

> Dick & Charlotte Dowdy wrote:
> > T he engine that is in the roadster that we need the tach and
> > speedometer for is the L 20 B .The transmission is a 4 speed.Also there
> > is a 11/4 hose going thru the firewall to the upper part of defroster
> > that looks like some kind of vent hose.  anyway it's all rotted out and
> > I need to know if it's needed or can I just chuck it and plug the hole
> > in the firewall. thank you
> Dick and Charlotte,
> You are looking at the cowl drain hose, just about the size of a radiator
> hose.  You need it to drain the area below the small grill in front of the
> windshield.  These are no longer available.  You will need to either
> salvage what you have or come up with something else.  Water can sit in the
> cowl region and possible rust out this area.  If you take the hose out,
> whenever you wash the car or it rains, water will pour doun inside the car
> where the heater core is and then filling up the floor of your car.
> Bob

Gordon Glasgow

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