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RE: What does ISO mean?

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Subject: RE: What does ISO mean?
From: "Gordon Glasgow" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 23:17:37 -0800
Whoops, wrong mailing list for In Search Of, Mike!  ;-)

Another wierd one to look out for is the small machine screw (actually 3 per
side) that hold the headlight retaining ring on. They are 4mm x .75 pitch.
Normal thread pitches for a 4mm are .70 and .80. Good luck if you lose one.

Gordon Glasgow
Renton, WA

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Oh, so that's why I had to retap my carbies????? I thought I was loosing my
mind when no screw I could find fit the threads, but that I'm sure is not
the only reason my mind is shot ;-)

I thought ISO stood for In Search Of . . .

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