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RE: Steering Box removal

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Subject: RE: Steering Box removal
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Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 13:21:37 -0700
Thanks to everyone for their advice on this.  The puller I had rented was
too wide at 1 5/16th inches.  It kept sliding off the flat surface.  I have
been soaking it and giving it the odd "tap" when under tension.  Will find
the smaller puller and try again.  Larry.

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Subject: RE: Steering Box removal

the pitman arm does have to come off but the good news is that the shaft is
tapered. Once a puller has been fitted, mine required very little effort to
separate. Ditto with the idler box. Don't use any heat, I'm sure you will be
able to separate with the correct puller:- 1 3/8 gap in jaws, 2 3/4 width of
jaws, 2 3/4" length of screw. Regards, Graeme Suckling 1965 SP310 - under
construction DSOA Member # 112 1971 P510 4 door - daily driver, original
owner, highly modified. 1972 P510 2 door - in storage. 1973 HS30/240Z -
re-building to 2003 specs. Adelaide, South Australia.

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