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Re: Fwd: VARAC Vintage Festival 2003 Celebrates TRIUMPH cars

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Subject: Re: Fwd: VARAC Vintage Festival 2003 Celebrates TRIUMPH cars
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 08:27:05 -0500
We have participated in this event twice. Both times were really memorable 
expereinces. Mosport is a wonderfully challenging track. Some famous race 
driver once characterized it as "the most challenging piece of asphalt in 
North America". That doesn't mean that it is scary difficult -- it's just a 
track on which you won't go to sleep.

The organizers and clubs and people are just super. This event is going on 
my "high alert" list for next year (a little 9/11 lingo there).

At 08:05 AM 9/11/02 -0400, Henry Frye wrote:
>Greetings gang 'o gearheads;
>I am crossposting this from the Vintage Race list. VARAC is throwing down
>the gauntlet...
>I see they are also hedging their bets by copying Keith Files. Keith, do
>you think your mates can handle something like twice the track time they
>got at Mid-Ohio?   <grin>  Can we keep your cars in one piece that long???  <
>I was chatting with the organizers of this VARAC event at the Glen last
>week, they really sold me on the idea. I am planning on running this event.
>Know several others that will be there as well.
>  From everything I have always been told about this event, the treatment
>the racers receive is the complete opposite from Mid-Ohio.
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> >Subject: VARAC Vintage Festival 2003 Celebrates TRIUMPH cars
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> >This is an early advisement that TRIUMPH cars will be the featured marque at
> >the 2003 VARAC Vintage Festival.  Production of the TR series of sportscars
> >began in 1953 with the TR2 and have became one of the mainstays of motoring
> >competition around the world and found enthusiastic acceptance in North
> >America.
> >
> >VARAC will honour the TRIUMPH marque, welcoming and encouraging TRIUMPHs of
> >all descriptions from around the world to make the pilgrimage to Mosport
> >next June 27, 28 & 29.  Mosport is an absolutely fabulous racing facility.
> >It is the former home of the Canadian Grand Prix, Can-Am, Trans-Am, Atlantic
> >Series and of course TRIUMPHs too.  Mosport is steeped in motor racing
> >history and all of the great name drivers and teams since the 1960's have
> >competed there.  The course is owned by Panoz Motorsport.  It is well
> >managed and well maintained and has been completely repaved and widened and
> >made very safe without detracting from the historic layout or the
> >challenging racing line.
> >
> >The VARAC festival provides good value, reasonable registration fees, LOTS
> >OF TRACK TIME, friendly people, great social events and we are told over and
> >over again, more fun and excitement per dollar than any other North American
> >event.
> >
> >More information about VARAC ( a Vintage Motorsport Council member club) and
> >the 2003 Festival is available at our website
> > or you can contact me directly at my email address:
> >
> >
> >We look forward to making new friends and welcoming back our old ones.  Plan
> >ahead to join VARAC at Mosport next June.

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