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Re: Spit cams?

Subject: Re: Spit cams?
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 09:44:01 EDT
Further info for those who don't know....

If you want to install a small bearing diameter cam in a large diameter 
block, install a set of cam bearings in the block.  Alternatively, the large 
diameter cams go in the early blocks by deleting the cam bearings...

Cost savings?


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It was later 1300's. V.B.shows after block #FC8155E.

Jeff Senty
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Subject: Spit cams?

> Quick question, I think, I thought I knew this from memory.  Oh well.
> Do the Spit 1147 and Mark 3 1296 have the same size cam journals, and the
> Mark 4 1296 and 1500 have a different size?  Or did the resizing occur
> with the 1147 to 1296 change in the Mark 3?


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