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RE: Track pick-up

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Subject: RE: Track pick-up
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Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 09:09:30 -0700
That means it's working. Why are you bothering to remove it? As soon as your
tires get up to operating temp and slide around a bit it's all gone. You
pick up all that junk on the cool down lap. If you want to see what your
tires look like when you're racing you need to stop in the hot pits for tire
temps after a few really hard laps. You can't come in at a leisurely
fashion, in fact it's best if you stop right on the track. The tires will be

You can buy tools and a stand to help clean tires (as I wanted to do), but
the tire guys (like good ol' Fred at A n'T) snicker at it. 

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   I am having a serious problem with track pick-up. When I come in from a
session I have a great deal of rubber bits sort of welded to the tire tread.
It is extremely difficult to remove, especially if I let the tires cool off.
No, it is not reverted rubber from the tires themselves. Could this be a
tire-pressure or camber related problem? I am running Kuhmo 205-50 x15s with
30psi in the front and 28psi in the back. I had the same problem with my
Yokahame A-008s, so I don't think it's the tires.

John Price

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