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RE: Track pick-up

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Subject: RE: Track pick-up
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 22:53:59 -0700
I suspect they had a few too many people get carried away and crunch into
someone else during the pace car lap. Sure would piss you off. 

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From: Rocky Entriken
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Subject: Re: Track pick-up

Odd that anyone would BF someone for such a common practice.

IMHO, it's a safety item. Having the pack go into T1 after the green,
arguably the most predictably dangerous time of any race -- with
tires that are less than optimum, is stupid. Especially since warming
on the pace lap provides no advantage that everyone won't have a lap or
later anyway.

--Rocky Entriken

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Subject: RE: Track pick-up

>  A lot of vintage groups will black flag you for warming your tires up
> wagging. Everyone does it in SCCA and ICSSC--an absolute necessity
> slicks and a lightweight car. I also warm up the brakes. In vintage
> I hold back at the entrance to each corner and then gun through it,
> inentionally plowing the front end. Easy to control, and no one in the
> corners seems to care about it. I've never been reprimanded for it.
> I'm not trying to scrape the goo off. I just want my tires warmed.
> huge difference between cold and warm. Peyote doesn't like cold tires.
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> Subject: Re: Track pick-up
> As others have said, the tires are working. Tires these days slough
> a
> lot of rubber, which creates those off-line marbles. Most of what you
> have
> picked up is what was those marbles. Your hot tires will pick up
> anything
> they roll over -- cigarette butts, gumwrappers, small animals. Try
> ending
> your race sometime with an incident that leaves you in the grass and
> then
> look at all that vegetation growing off the donuts.
> If you drive cool-off laps strictly on the racing line, you will have
> less.
> Most of it is off-line.
> Next session, waggle the car back and forth for a lap and it will be
> mostly
> gone. We used to do that to warm up the tires (we still do, actually).
> Now
> we do it to clean off the tires too.
> And at the risk of sounding like I am trying to sell product -- some
> remember I peddle Formula V Traction Treatment -- I have found the
> a
> great help when you are home and your tires are cold and you really
> to
> get the pickup off. Treat the tires and after it has soaked in an hour
> or
> so, most of the pickup comes off relatively easily with a gasket
> scraper(emphasis on "relatively" -- on a scale of 1-10 it is a 4
> of
> a 9). Caution, it is a really messy job because you are working with
> tires
> fresh with FVTT and you'll get carbon black from the tires all over
> so
> wear something you don't care about and maybe rubber gloves. I've done
> it a
> time or two. Came to the conclusion it was wasted effort.
> --Rocky Entriken
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> From: "John Price" <>
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> Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2004 10:44 AM
> Subject: Track pick-up
> >
> > Amici:
> >
> >    I am having a serious problem with track pick-up. When I come in
> from a
> > session I have a great deal of rubber bits sort of welded to the
> tread.
> > It is extremely difficult to remove, especially if I let the tires
> cool
> off.
> > No, it is not reverted rubber from the tires themselves. Could this
> a
> > tire-pressure or camber related problem? I am running Kuhmo 205-50
> x15s
> with
> > 30psi in the front and 28psi in the back. I had the same problem
> my
> > Yokahame A-008s, so I don't think it's the tires.
> >
> > John Price

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