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Re: Crown wheel and pinion

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Subject: Re: Crown wheel and pinion
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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 13:34:18 -0400
I can't resist getting into this - in my rear axle vernacular, "taller" is
numerically lower, i.e. the 3.9.

Numerically higher, i.e. the 4.1, would be "lower" and I have heard the term
"shorter" used also.

This is always confusing. Anyone have a firm definition?

Mike Cook

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> Hi all,
>         I've got a friend here in town who vintage races a Lotus
> Seven with the Standard 10 rear axle.  He currently has a
> 3.9 ratio in there and would like something taller, maybe a
> 4.11 or 4.55.  I suggested John Kipping as a possible
> source,
> but didn't have the contact info handy.  Any other thoughts,
> or does anyone have something suitable for sale?  You
> can respond to Mike directly at if you've
> got something that he can use.

I'm almost certain that a crown wheel and pinion from the earlier Spitfires
and almost any Herald would work, since the center section was derived from
the old Standard 10 axle. Most 1200 Heralds and pre-MkIV Spitfires used the
4.11 set, while the early 948 twin-carb Heralds used the 4.55 (which was the
original ratio for the 10, as I recall). There's also a 4.875 that was used in
the 948 Herald single-carb models...and even a 5.143 that was optional.

Point is, these gear sets shouldn't be too hard to find?

All THAT said, I've nothing available at the moment. :-( But Spitbits lists
"CROWN WHEEL & GEAR 4.11:1 510005  $ 199.00"; TRF has the same price; Canley
Classics in England lists second-hand sets for #65.00. Canley also lists the
502018 (4.55 set) for #35.00. No idea what shipping would cost from
England.... And Rimmer Bros shows the 502017 for $195.31; 502018 doesn't want
to come up in their online catalogue.

--Andy Mace

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