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Re: Crown wheel and pinion

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Subject: Re: Crown wheel and pinion
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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 13:53:52 -0500
What used to be John Kipping is now Canley Classics.

I just tried to look it up with my bookmarked URL
( and that did not work. Google reveals
the URL is now

And yes, I have found there a few items (including 4:55 gearsets)
unobtainable from stateside sources. Fair prices too. When I bought two of
those gearsets (which ain't featherweight stuff), their price plus flying it
over the ocean came to about what I'd have expected to pay (and have paid in
the past) on this side of the pond.


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Subject: Crown wheel and pinion

> Hi all,
>         I've got a friend here in town who vintage races a Lotus
> Seven with the Standard 10 rear axle.  He currently has a
> 3.9 ratio in there and would like something taller, maybe a
> 4.11 or 4.55.  I suggested John Kipping as a possible source,
> but didn't have the contact info handy.  Any other thoughts,
> or does anyone have something suitable for sale?  You
> can respond to Mike directly at if you've
> got something that he can use.
> Thanks folks,
> John Lye

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