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RE: GT6 rear sway bar

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Subject: RE: GT6 rear sway bar
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Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 09:12:08 -0700
Owing to the fact that there are 3 different rear suspension
arrangements for GT6's it is very helpful to know what sort of setup we
are talking about.  Each of these three setups have their own
peculiarities and fixes.

Joe C.

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> The answer to that question, as I see it, depends on whether you're
> a
> wheel due to roll rate times body roll, or whether the rear suspension
> running out of travel.  On a stock TR3, the rear suspension runs out
> rebound
> travel fairly easily, so I feel increasing the rear roll rate (with a
> sway
> bar) helps.  No idea if that applies to a GT6.  But if the roll rate
> lifting
> the wheel, then you have to either decrease the rate in the rear
> springs) or increase it in the front.


Interesting.  I never ran a rear sway bar on my TR3 (but I do have

John Harkness had one on his TR3A for years.  Then one day he took it
After racing the car without, I think he may have thrown it away.  He
said the 
car was a shade loose without it, but he liked it much better (more 
predictable).  You could count on what it was going to do.  His lap
times improved.  

I have heard others say similar.

Bill Dentinger

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