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Re: Another Nomination as well

Subject: Re: Another Nomination as well
From: Ernest Husmann <>
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 14:58:34 -0500
Young Creel's problems are genetic and he can't help himself and I'm sure 
we can make the disease worse.


Ernest Husmann

At 05:47 AM 7/7/2005, wrote:
>I'd Like to Nominate...
>Jay Creel.
>Jay has a MkII he's running in G-Prod SCCA competition in the 
>northeast.  He's
>finished his schools and going to have his first regional race in a few weeks
>(is that right jay?).
>To top all the insanity off of having his own car...His dad also races a G-
>Prod Spitfire and Jay has helped with that car!
>All the best
>Aaron Johnson
>#87 HP Spitfire 1500
>Southern Illinois Region SCCA

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