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RE: Hurricane Katrina

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Subject: RE: Hurricane Katrina
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Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 16:02:13 -0700
Actually, I was amazed at how much time Europeans spend in their cars given
the gas price. I was in France recently and it was traffic and congestion
everywhere. Cars are very seductive. Simple truth is that there are a lot of
things you can do with a car that you can't do with a bicycle, and once you
get used to driving, you start driving everywhere automatically. 

I'm not ready for a gasoline shortage (not much reason why we should have
one), even my motorcycles get lousy mileage. 

There's almost no response to rising gas prices here--I haven't seen anyone
filling cans (remember that?)   

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> Heck, in Europe they pay twice that without batting an eye. Of course, 
> in other countries, they get something for their taxes like medical 
> care, pensions, etc.

And they drive far shorter distances, so it doesn't matter as much. Not to
mention that their cars get lots better gas mileage.

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