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RE: Hurricane Katrina

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Subject: RE: Hurricane Katrina
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Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 17:05:28 -0600
It is interesting when people say that we have had it so easy when it comes
to gas prices compared to Europe etc.
As most of us know a drum of oil (not a barrell as the media always
misstates) is sold on the world market for the same price to the U.S. as
they do to Germany, Italy etc.etc. You then add transportation, refirnery
and distribution costs. Up to this point everybody is pretty much in the
same ballpark. What makes the final difference is what social feel good
taxes each country and local wish to tack onto the base price of a gallon
(liter) at the pump for social issues. Again, the difference in actual costs
of gas at the pump is very nearly the same across the globe in all developed
countries. The difference is taxes added on by government.
Walt Hollowell
Abq., NM

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> Heck, in Europe they pay twice that without batting an eye. Of course, in
> other countries, they get something for their taxes like medical care,
> pensions, etc.

And they drive far shorter distances, so it doesn't matter as much. Not
to mention that their cars get lots better gas mileage.

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