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Subject: RE: lessons
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Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 12:52:53 -0700
Mordy Wrote:

Oh btw...   
 The local gov. in New Orleans... Some sympathy but, they Knew this
hurricane was 1) big "Incomming"  2) They knew the levies would likely
give. 4) They knew that water and power would be a major issue.  5) They
knew how high the water level would be at its worst.  

Can you imagine the mess if they didn't know these things? 
So did the federal government and the watered down FEMA agency.  So did
the corps of engineers who were forced to abandon all Levee
strengthening because the funds earmarked for that work was diverted to
the war in IRAQ.

The Hurricane was a natural disaster, but the flooding was man made
because it could have been prevented.

Blaming the victims because they were told to evacuate and could not
because they are too poor to afford a car and all forms of public
transportation had already been discontinued by the time the evacuation
order was given will simply not do!

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