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Subject: RE: lessons
From: Ernest Husmann <>
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 15:37:42 -0500
I know everyone has an opinion and I'm sure there is going to be enough 
blame to throw around at all levels of government.  Enouigh to where the 
cable news channels will have a new story everyday for the next year 
regarding this disaster.

We will not solve all the government issues on this list and I doubt that 
any of us has the full story.  Let's just focus on helping the people along 
the Gulf Coast and maintaining our Triumphs.

Everyone have a great holiday weekend.

Ernest Husmann

At 03:16 PM 9/2/2005, wrote:
>>  The local gov. in New Orleans... Some sympathy but, they Knew this 
>> hurricane was 1) big "Incomming"  2) They knew the levies would likely 
>> give. 4) They knew that water and power would be a major issue.  5) They 
>> knew how high the water level would be at its worst.
>>Can you imagine the mess if they didn't know these things?
>  What about the Fed? They have been systematically defunding FEMA and the 
> Army Corps of Engineers. The upgrade of the levy was scheduled 
> recommended work and it was defunded by 75%. Subcontractors continued to 
> work on the levy for free, even after the Federal money ran out (New 
> Orleans is their home too). They worked until they ran out of materials.
>  Let's top that off... Homejoke Security worked on three scenarios to 
> help prepare for disaster planning. They were...
>     1. Another terrorist attack on NYC
>     2. A major earthquake in San Francisco
>Greg Petrolati Champaign, Illinois
>That's not a leak... My car's just marking its territory...

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