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RE: Tires for TR3 and TR4

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Subject: RE: Tires for TR3 and TR4
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Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 18:19:13 -0400
I need new tires right now and I really don't want to spend another $800
on 1 weekend Hoosiers.  Do we know if the Yoke 048s are acceptable for
SVRA in 205/60/15?  Thanks, Don 

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I'll summarize my experiences then shoot myself...

I started out on Yoke 008r's 195-60-15. They were great, made me think I
great, and lasted all year. When the Yokes went away, I was forced into 
Hoosiers 5.50-15's. They made me think I sucked so I tried some Dunlop 
205-60-15 from Roger Kraus. I hated them, they pushed real bad after a 
couple of laps, but truth be told I was just as fast on them as on the 
Hoosiers. They were Gibraltar hard and they rubbed on the inside of the 
fender lip and burned the paint. I gave up on them and went to the
and gradually grew to like them. At the end of last year, just when I 
started to approach my old Yoke lap times the Hoosiers went soft. I wore
the rears in one weekend I wasn't a happy man. So I decided that the new
would get 205-50-15's since my home group allows 50 series on 15" rims
satisfy the 911 crowd, and there are some "price point" brands in that
I haven't finished the car yet, but I may raise it up a tad (OK 3 tads)
try the Yoke 048 in 205-60-15. The Street TD's are not allowed in CVAR,
that hasn't stopped some people from running them. They love them but
too wear quickly.

We still need a 195-60-15 tire!

Bob Kramer
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Subject: Tires for TR3 and TR4

> Hi gang,
> We had a fantastic time at Watkins Glen last weekend, when I get a
> I'll write a report. But more important things to ponder at the
> After a trip to Bob Woodman Tires I found a set of Hoosier Vintage TD 
> 5.5X15 cost me $885, including mounting, balancing and tax. It is well

> known that Hoosier changed the compound of our tire this year making
> softer, and pretty much limiting it's life to less than 2 race
> So I started thinking. I think we have done plenty of upgrades to
> the safety of our cars (the Southwick axle and front hubs, and the
> spindles) so that our cars can safely handle different rubber.
> I talked to the TR racers at the Glen, and asked them what tire would
> LIKE to run, then we should see if we can get Jack Woerle to approve
> Jeff Snook opened the door by chatting with Jack at the Saturday
> and Jack is open to a conversation about our tires.
> So, the ball is in our court. I would like a tire that meets any, but 
> preferrably all, of these requirements. I want a tire that is faster, 
> lasts longer and is cheaper than the Hooiser Vintage TD. I also want
> Peace, and have similar expectations about our tire selections...
> I'm assuming Jack Woerle is going to stick to his guns on the
> for a 60 series profile.
> Jeff and Randy Williams want a tire that will fit under the stock
> of their TR3's.
> Tony, I know you are planning to experiment with a different tire,
> you had the chance to run them yet?
> Bob Kramer, I know this is a subject near and dear to you, do you have
> recommendations?
> Does anyone have any experience with the Hooiser Street TD that can
> a comparison to the Vintage TD? I know the Street TD is a little
> and wider than the Vintage TD, and some wicked fast cars run them and
> to drive where ever they damn well want to on the track. 

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