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Tires - good news

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Subject: Tires - good news
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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 15:33:07 -0400
I'm pretty sure this is going to be good news, although I still like the
idea of being allowed to run 50 profile tires to open up our choices and
keep cost down.  I just spoke to Hoosier and was told that they have two
(count 'em, two) new tires coming out soon.  Supposedly around the end
of the year (hopefully THIS year) they will offer 185/65/15 and
205/60/15 treaded radials for vintage use.  According to the person I
spoke to, we can expect them to cost around $175-$180 (he stressed that
these are "ballpark" prices) and should perform better and last longer
than the Vintage TDs.  Apparently the first one came out of the mold
today and he hasn't even seen it yet.  He also said that he's not aware
of any changes having been made to the Vintage TD compound in the past
couple years but wasn't absolutely certain.  Anyhow, we have something
to look forward to.  Don

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The only competition radial tire that is made in our size seems to be a 
loser, not that I held much hope for the AO48 in the first place. The
is essentially a slick with some grooves molded in. Not exactly

The quest continues...

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